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Pyronix HomeControl+ Security App and PyronixCloud

Jude Security News Pyronix HomeControl+ Security App and PyronixCloud


Pyronix HomeControl+ Security App and PyronixCloud

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The Pyronix HomeControl+ App brings complete security, control and peace of mind to the palm of your hand.

Linking up to the Enforcer or EURO V10 panels via the PyronixCloud, the app allows you to control and monitor your entire security system from anywhere in the world, with all the benefits of our multi-award winning two-way wireless solutions.

The HomeControl+ allows you to:

  • Set and unset your system
  • Check sensor status in real time
  • Receive push notifications
  • See event history
  • View live streams from the HomeControl+ Cameras

Available on iOS and Android, download the HomeControl+ App and you will have proven security, monitoring and complete control at your fingertips.

Simple on and off switches and padlocks let you set and unset the system, control outputs such as garage doors and even control independent areas.

The addition of the HomeControl+ Cameras to your system also allows you to view HD live stream video of your property over IP communications via the HomeControl+ App. This is particularly beneficial to see what is happening when an alarm has been activated or to check on a pet from work.

Bringing you flexibility and peace of mind from your award winning Pyronix security system with an intuitive and convenient interface, the HomeControl+ App’s easy-to-use setup wizard will guide you and ensures that you are reaping the benefits of this application in no time at all from anywhere in the world.

Written by Jude Security

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